In 2003, the Association of State Floodplain Managers’ Science Services Program started with a single project manager. Since then the program grew into a staff of varied professionals researching multiple aspects of flood science. Beginning in the 2017, ASFPM transitioned the Science Services Program to the ASFPM Flood Science Center to support the concept of policy based upon science. The center works to enhance and further develop collaborative relationships with federal, academic, foundation and non-governmental organization partners with a mission of studying the technical, biologic, social and economic aspects of flood science.

The goal of the center is to use science to support ASFPM’s mission of promoting education, policies and activities that mitigate current and future losses, costs and human suffering caused by flooding, and to protect the natural and beneficial functions of floodplains - all without causing adverse impacts.

The Flood Science Center conducts projects and programs that address national, regional and local needs and are led and supported by staff who possess a variety of abilities and technical expertise that help us deliver state-of-the-science analysis, technical reports, course materials, mapping applications, project websites and more. The center fosters a collaborative and creative environment providing an unprecedented opportunity to address flood related challenges facing the nation. See our Research Interests to learn more.