JUL 2020
CTP Webinar: 2D Floodways - Proposed Revisions to FEMA Floodway Guidance
Locations: CTP Information Exchange Webinar
Time: Tuesday, Jul 14, 2020, 1:00 PM - Tuesday, Jul 14, 2020, 2:30 PM

The Federal Emergency Management Agency updates their guidance documents annually - with final guidance published in November each year. With 2 dimensional engineering models becoming more common there is a need to update FEMA's guidance associated with floodways. This webinar will provide information on proposed revisions to FEMA's floodway guidance associated with floodways and how to provide comments on the proposed revisions.



  • Alan Lulloff, PE, CFM - ASFPM Flood Science Center
  • Laura Algeo, PE - FEMA
  • Brian Koper - FEMA
  • Andy Bonner, PE, PMP, CFM - AECOM
  • Sarada Kalikivaya, PE, PMP, CFM - Atkins


  • Webinar Logistics - Jason Hochschild, ASFPM Flood Science Center
  • Introduction - Alan Lulloff
  • Why revisions to FEMA's Floodway Guidance is needed - Laura Algeo
  • Process used to develop proposed revisions associated with 2D floodways
  • Proposed revisions associated with 2D floodways
  • How to submit comments on proposed revisions
  • Questions/Discussion

Proposed Revisions to 2D Floodway Modeling Standards for FY20 G&S Cycle

Comments or suggestions concerning mapping standards and guidance may be submitted to FEMA electronically during the public review periods by sending an email message to FEMA.GS@riskmapcds.com. Standards comments must be received by July 31, 2020 for consideration for this cycle’s update. Guidance public review period is scheduled for August, 2020.


Floodway Encroachment Standard: Minimizing Cumulative Adverse Impact


2D Floodways CTP Webinar Slides

2D Floodways CTP Webinar Recording

[Note: The audio issues at the start of webinar mostly clear up during the main content.]

Re-recording of Alan's section of the 2D Floodways CTP Webinar [8 mins]

2D Floodways CTP Webinar Questions and Answers


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