Listed on this page are some of the featured investigations from the Flood Science Center. These are just a few samples of the valuable research and projects produced by the center. See our Research and Projects page for an in-depth dive into all our products.

  • Building Coastal Resilience through Capital Improvements Planning - Funding: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Partner: American Planning Agency. ASFPM is partnering with the American Planning Agency to identify mainstream techniques that increase community resiliency by incorporating information from extreme weather events, climate hazards and changing ocean conditions into local or regional capital improvement plans.
  • CRS Green Guide: Improving Coastal Resiliency Through Community Engagement - Funding: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Partner: Coastal States Organization. ASFPM is partnering with the Coastal States Organization on a National Fish & Wildlife Foundation Hurricane Sandy Coastal Resiliency Grant related to the CRS program. The purpose of the CRS Green Guide is to highlight 25 of the 94 elements in the 2017 CRS Coordinator’s … Continued
  • Flood Mapping for the Nation - Funding: ASFPM. The Association of State Floodplain Managers continues to use the cost estimates from this report to promote increased funding for flood hazard mapping. Completed in 2013, this internally-funded project developed an estimate of the total cost to complete floodplain mapping of the country based on parameters specified in the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform … Continued
  • Floodway Encroachment Standard: Minimizing Cumulative Adverse Impact - Completed June 2013. Funding: ASFPM. This report reviews the origin, use and establishment of regulatory floodways and provides an assessment of the impact of encroachments based upon allowing a 1-foot increase in flood elevations during the regulatory flood. The assessment evaluated impacts on the physical characteristics of the floodway (floodway width, water velocity and area … Continued
  • Managing Coastal Hazard Risks On Wisconsin’s Dynamic Great Lakes Shoreline - Completed 2016. Funding: Wisconsin Coastal Management Program. Coastal hazards have been a Great Lakes concern since high lake levels caused significant damage to coastal properties in the 1950s, the 1970s and again in the 1980s. During that period the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program funded projects to assess the coastal hazards on Lake Michigan and published … Continued
  • Naturally Resilient Communities - Completed 2017. Funding: Kresge Foundation. Partners: The Nature Conservancy, American Planning Association, American Society of Civil Engineers, National Association of Counties and Sasaki Associates. Communities today are facing more challenges than ever before. From weather-related disasters and public health crises to needs for economic development, the demands on our communities’ limited resources are growing. This … Continued
  • Shoreline Inventory & Oblique Photo Viewer - Completed June 2016. Funding: Wisconsin Coastal Management Program. The Flood Science Center has updated and added more oblique photos to the Shoreline Inventory & Oblique Photo Viewer application developed through prior a grant. Coastal oblique photos from the Wisconsin Civil Air Patrol (Spring 2017) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (2012 FEMA Coastal Flood Study) … Continued