ASFPM Foundation Special Collections

Thanks to the generous support of the ASFPM Foundation, the Association of State Floodplain Managers is able to showcase these library collections, each designed to advance the science that mitigates the losses, costs and human suffering caused by flooding.

Keillor Collection

Collection donated by Phil Keillor.

Mittler Collection

Collection donated by Elliot Mittler.

Wetmore Collection

Collection donated by French Wetmore.

FEMA Collection

FEMA generously donated this collection, it is currently being sorted and cataloged.

K-12 Flood Education Resources

Flood education materials for students in grades K-12.

Case Studies & Best Practices Compendium

Case Studies and Best Practices that have been compiled into a searchable library.

Floodplain Manager's Notebook Series

Explore Rebecca Quinn's entire collection of Floodplain Manager's Notebook columns, which are a recurring feature in ASFPM's Insider newsletter.