K-12 Flood Education Resources



  • Children's Literature on Floods and Natural Disasters

    Date: 1993

    Author: Lynn Blinn Pike, Ph. D.

    Note: Grades: Kinder-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

    Summary: Collection of books on flooding organized by grade level. Created in 1993.

    Keywords: Flooding, Riverine flooding, Coastal flooding, Flash flooding, Stormwater, Urban flooding

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  • Earth Force

    Author: Earth Force

    Note: Grades: Kinder-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

    Summary: Earth Force has developed a project-based learning approach that engages young people as active citizens who improve the environment and their communities. We deliver the program by providing middle school educators with the training and support they need to create an engaging, hands-on classroom that empowers students to solve environmental problems. Via Earth Force, over 25,000 young people per year design and implement projects that reflect issues they care about and their desire to address a local environmental issue, gaining hands-on experience by applying what they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

    Keywords: Stormwater, Flooding

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  • Flood!

    Author: Discovery Education

    Note: Grades: 6-8

    Summary: Hands on lesson plan regarding new development and flooding. Students will be taught that different types of soil have different capacities for retaining rainwater, if the soil in an area will not hold enough rainwater, flooding problems will ensue, and soil can be tested for its water-retaining capacity.

    Keywords: Urban flooding, Stormwater, Flash flooding

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  • NOVA Education

    Author: NOVA

    Note: Grades: Kinder-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

    Summary: Teacher videos, interactive activities, lesson plans,and webinars related to many scientific areas including flooding.

    Keywords: Flooding, Riverine flooding, Coastal flooding, Stormwater, Levee failure/breach, Hurricane, Tsunami, Dam failure, Urban flooding

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  • The Rescue League Academy: Sink or Swim!

    Author: Arlington, TX Stormwater Management Division

    Note: Grades: 6-8, 9-12

    Summary: The 40-page flood safety graphic novel reveals how the simple actions of residents, regardless of age, can help protect lives and property during a flood. Readers follow Bianca, Shawn, Sonny, Sam, and their families as they experience a major Texas flash flood. Bianca, the aspiring superhero undergoing her final test, helps a group of citizens during a flood. As she helps them make smart decisions and saves them from dangerous situations created by their ill-informed actions, citizens learn about what they should do before, during, and after a flood.

    Keywords: Riverine flooding, Flash flodding

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  • Stormtalkers Education Program - Stormwater Management

    Date: 2017

    Author: Arlington, TX Stormwater Management Division

    Note: Grades: Kinder-2, 3-5, 6-8

    Keywords: Stormwater

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  • Ward's Stormwater Floodplain Simulation System

    Author: Ward's Science

    Note: Grades: Kinder-2,3-5, 6-8

    Summary: This physical model system helps students understand the critical role that floodplains play in the life of a watershed and the impact of unplanned development and human activity in key areas through innovative hands-on simulations. Features include: Realistic Recreation with Student-Friendly Features; Kit Features Eight Activities; Detailed User's Guide Included; Large Acrylic Tank Included; and Students Work Together to Find Solutions to Floodplain Issues. Developed for education and outreach in cooperation with the Michigan Stormwater-Floodplain Association, this physical model is being used by state floodplain associations across the country.

    Keywords: Riverine flooding, Stormwater

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  • Warner Robins Water Pollution Demonstration (EnviroScape)

    Author: Keep Warner Robins Beautiful

    Note: Grades: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

    Summary: EnviroScape is an exciting, interactive educational tool that addresses point and non-point source water pollution. Everyone has a chance to learn (and play) from this one-of-a-kind demonstration project. The portable, three-dimensional EnviroScape uses rain (from a spray bottle) to show pollution coming from urban, rural and industrial areas. Rain carries soil (cocoa), fertilizer and pesticides (candy sprinkles), and oil (more cocoa) downhill to a lake, where the effects of the pollution become plainly visible. The watershed model then shows ways to help prevent non-point source pollution.

    Keywords: Stormwater

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