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This collection is only a subset of all the items in the ASFPM Library. Visit the ASFPM Library to find more flood-related resources.

Please explore the K-12 Flood Education Resources and if you have anything to add, please let us know what flood education you're passionate about.

ASFPM’s K-12 Flood Education Resources project was started to provide us with an understanding of the current state of K-12 flood education in the country. Our first goal was to reach out to our 17,000 plus members and colleagues to find out what they had created, used or heard about as far as flood education for kids.

Over the years, we’ve heard about popular flood education tools and programs for kids, but knew that there must be even more great education programs, guides and resources that were out there at the local, state and national levels. And based on the fantastic response to our initial request to members and colleagues in early 2017, we are happy to share what we thought to be true - there are high quality flood education programs for kids all around the country.

But, we’re not happy just collecting and sharing the education resources we’ve found so far. We plan to evaluate all the resources we’ve found so far and see where there’s opportunities to extend existing education programs or design and develop new education materials. We also want to keep adding to our K-12 library and web, so if you have anything to add, please let us know what flood education you’re passionate about.

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Thank you to all the individuals and organizations that sent us links, materials, resources and ideas. We may not have used it all as we focused on specific flood curriculum, but it’s wonderful to hear from so many people excited about flood education for kids.

Thanks to the generous support of the ASFPM Foundation, the Association of State Floodplain Managers was able to collect, catalog and share the K-12 flood education resource found on these pages.

Help us add to our K-12 flood education resources

The Association of State Floodplain Managers wishes to collect and maintain flood education materials and resources for kids that supports the mission of ASFPM and makes the materials available to our membership and the public.

If you have or know about flood education resources for kids, please send an email to the ASFPM Research Librarian at Please provide or attach detailed descriptions of the resources including links to websites, lesson plans, curriculum, tools, etc.