Mentoring Program Benefits

Mentoring provides benefits to individual participants as well as to the organization.


  • Educational opportunities are complemented by learning and development support.
  • Professional values and ethics are promoted.
  • Consistency in the management and transfer of knowledge is supported.
  • The ASFPM vision and mission are communicated.
  • ASFPM leadership is developed.
  • ASFPM standards (i.e., CFM® Body of Knowledge, Effective State Floodplain Management Program principles, Core CAP activities and best practices) are taught and promoted.
  • Relationships are developed.

For federal agencies:

  • Informed, capable state partners are implementing floodplain management programs, policies and actions.
  • Better understanding and integration of federal programs with state and local floodplain management activities
  • Improved collaboration and cooperation

For mentees (state floodplain managers, state NFIP coordinators, state flood mapping coordinators and staff):

  • Variety of learning opportunities are offered (e.g., training, developmental activities, networking, benchmarking, shadowing, group and one-on-one exchanges).
  • Core skills and knowledge are enhanced.
  • Understanding of effective program components is increased.
  • Relationships are expanded.
  • Communication and collaboration capability is improved.
  • Engagement in ASFPM's vision, mission and culture

For mentors (preference is for ASFPM members, CFMs and former state staff):

  • Contribution to the profession through shared experience and wisdom
  • Continuing education
  • Expanded relationships and understanding of state program and professional development
  • Personal and program growth
  • Helping to achieve ASFPM’s vision and mission
  • Enhancing personal skills in listening, coaching, reflecting and planning
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