Application Process

The target audience for the initial mentoring effort are state floodplain management program managers, state NFIP coordinators and their staff. Eligibility for participating in the program may be expanded as the program matures, the mentor pool increases and ASFPM confirms interest in the services.

Applicants register a username and create a mentee/mentor profile. Participants are asked to keep their profile information current.

To support effective mentoring partnerships, ASFPM has developed a website, online orientation training, the Mentoring Handbook, an online partnership workspace, and monitoring/evaluation tools. ASFPM recognizes the participants' desire for flexibility and respects the fact that mentees/mentors have time limitations. Partnership goals and specific activities are negotiated by the participants to meet their needs.

The Application Process and Mentoring Process are summarized in this graphic:

Detailed process diagram

Detailed overview of the ASFPM Mentoring Program.

Mentoring Website

To deliver the program, ASFPM created the ASFPM Mentoring Program website. Anyone interested in participating can explore the web pages and review this Mentoring Handbook to learn more. Participants use the website to register, manage profile information and initiate the mentoring partnership framework.

Website homepage

ASFPM Mentoring Program homepage at

The website, handbook and partnership workspace are organized to walk mentees/mentors quickly through the mentoring process so they can instead focus on their goals and actions. The program manager works closely with applicants and participants to help facilitate successful partnerships and is available to answer questions through the contact page.

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