Orientation Training

Potential mentees/mentors must first complete orientation training before starting the registration process. Plan on 60-90 minutes to complete the orientation on the website. This is the initial step for anyone interested in becoming a mentee/mentor and is required prior to registration. Orientation helps support successful partnerships, sets the correct expectations and describes the resources available to participants.

Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the self-directed mentoring process (i.e., registration, mentoring requests, mentoring agreements, action plans, monitoring and evaluation)
  • Understand the four mentoring approaches
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the mentee/mentor
  • Access mentoring resources and tools

Links to the orientation training are provided on the mentee/mentor registration forms. If the 60-90 minute orientation cannot be viewed all at once, shorter segments are available in the orientation page’s table of contents.


After completing the orientation training, mentees/mentors will register a username/password for the program website when creating a profile. Usernames are not publicly accessible and cannot be changed later. See note below for username/password recovery.

All information submitted to your profile at time of registration can be edited on your profile page later. Select “Log In” from the navigation menu and enter your username/password to access your profile on the website.

Currently, registering as a mentor or mentee in the program is mutually exclusive per unique email address. Over the course of a career, participants may wish to transition from mentee to mentor, and veteran mentors may wish to seek mentorship guidance. Switching a participant's role is possible with assistance from the program manager or by using a separate unique email address, username/password and profile.

Pointer rightForgotten usernames and passwords can be reset using the “Lost your username or password?” link on the login page. Enter your username or email address to receive an email from the Flood Science Center containing your username and a link to reset your password.

Mentor Registration

You will be required to upload a headshot photograph of yourself and a biography in order to complete your profile registration. Gather all of the necessary information before proceeding with registration.

Applicants must register a username/password and create a profile for the website prior to being approved as a mentor and subsequently listed in the Mentor Finder. Additional time may be needed to collect and produce the necessary materials. Consult the full registration form in the appendices for complete details.

  • Select Become a Mentor on the website navigation menu to visit the mentor registration page

Mentor profiles are accessible from the Mentor Finder while status is set to “Available.”

Mentor profiles contain contact information, years of professional floodplain management or hazard mitigation experience, areas of expertise, participating types of mentoring, a professional biography focusing on subject matter expertise and a headshot image. Mentors use their profile to toggle their current status between “Available” and “Unavailable” as the situation warrants. A mentor set to “Unavailable” will not be displayed in the Mentor Finder. Mentors are expected to keep their profiles updated with current information and status.

The mentor registration page reminds participants to complete the orientation training and contains on-page instructions for each section or question. Find the Mentor Registration form in the appendices.

Mentee Registration

Mentees must register a username before starting any mentoring format, including Ask a Mentor.

Mentees register a username/password and complete a profile with basic contact information to enroll in the program.

  • Select Register as Mentee on the website navigation menu to visit the mentee registration page

Mentee profiles are not accessible on the website and are only shared during mentoring requests.

Mentee profiles are limited to basic contact information at time of registration, but the profile page is where a mentee submits mentoring requests and manages any submitted mentoring applications and/or questions sent via Ask a Mentor.

The mentee registration page reminds participants to complete the orientation training and contains on-page instructions for each section or question. Find the Mentee Registration form in the appendices.

Approval to Participate

Mentor registrations are reviewed against general criteria for successful partnerships (e.g., expertise, experience, location, commitment and agreement to abide by the process). The program manager will contact applicants via email within a few days indicating approval or rejection to the program.

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