Applicants should follow these steps to register as a mentee in the ASFPM Mentoring Program:

New state staff should visit the Resources page and the Other Mentoring Resources & Activities section of the Handbook to learn about available documents and resources that will help you acclimate to your new position.

  1. Read the Mentoring Handbook.
    Complete program details are found in the Mentoring Handbook.
  2. View the orientation training.
    Participant orientation is provided through instruction on this site. See Orientation in the Handbook.
  3. Register a username/password and create a mentee profile.
    Use the form below to create a user login and provide contact information for your profile. You will be able to update your contact information and start the request mentoring process by logging into your profile after registration. See Registration in the Handbook.
  • Orientation

  • State Official

  • Mentoring is currently only available for those working in an official capacity for a state agency or organization. Please review the Eligibility Policy.
  • Account Creation

  • This is the username that you will use to log into the website.
  • Strength indicator
  • Personal Information

  • Check this box if you are currently a CFM (meaning that your certification has not expired, or been suspended or revoked).
  • This website requires a unique email address to create an account as either a mentee or mentor.