Funding: Federal Emergency Management Agency.

ASFPM supports Cooperating Technical Partners. The project involves documenting best practices and providing training. In conjunction with this effort, a Mapping and Engineering Standards Subcommittee has been established that focuses on CTPs. This subcommittee is co-chaired by Brooke Seymour, P.E., CFM with the Mile High Flood District and Darryl Rockfield, CFM with the Missouri Department of Public Safety, State Emergency Management Agency. Alan Lulloff with the ASFPM executive office is on the FEMA CTP Community of Practice Steering Committee and was part of the FEMA five-year CTP Integrated Planning Team. The ASFPM Board of Directors recently passed a resolution supporting FEMA’s Cooperating Technical Partners program. ASFPM highlights that the program is just as much about building partnerships as it is about mapping Special Flood Hazard Areas.

Cooperating Technical Partners Information Exchange