Completed 2009.

Funding: Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The objective of this project was to provide FEMA with a list of impediments or adverse impacts of limited paper map distribution; present the current status of stakeholder understanding with regards to the digital transition; and provide recommendations to FEMA that may be used to improve or modify policies related to the digital transition. ASFPM surveyed selected members via a web-based survey and phone interviews to assess state and local capabilities to adopt and utilize digital FIRMs. A review and evaluation of FEMA's Map Service Center's digital products and tools was also conducted.

Moving to Digital Flood Hazard Data

FEMA's Moving to Digital Fact Sheet

ASFPM's review and Evaluation of FEMA's MSC Digital Products and Tools

ASFPM's Web Survey Results

National Flood Determination Association (NFDA) Survey Summary

NFDA Digital Data Transition Issues