Completed: December 2016.

Funding: Federal Emergency Management Agency.

This was the inaugural report on the state of local floodplain management programs throughout the nation. For more than 20 years ASFPM has produced data at the state level focused on state programs, authorities and activities. However, the knowledge of local floodplain management programs was limited and viewed from a state perspective. This project established for the first time a comprehensive assessment of local floodplain management programs in the United States that can be periodically updated to establish long-term trend information. These data provide information on characteristics of the nation’s floodplain managers, their supporting programs and programmatic needs. The information supports ASFPM’s mission to enhance and expand the practice of floodplain management. This effort can complement and inform FEMA’s initiative to educate communities about higher floodplain management standards.

Floodplain Management 2016: Local Programs Survey Report (2017)