Completed: February 2018.

Funding: Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Partner: Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado.

ASFPM last updated the State Floodplain Management Programs report in 2010. This project is updating the status of state level floodplain management in the United States as of 2017. In partnership with the University of Colorado’s Natural Hazards Center, ASFPM developed and administered an electronic survey to the state NFIP coordinator for every U.S. state and territory based on survey instruments used in past years. Survey data was analyzed by the Natural Hazards Center. A report on the findings of this effort is forthcoming. ASFPM will maintain the data collected through this project in a database for long-term use in establishing how states can assist communities to utilize increasingly effective approaches [e.g. No Adverse Impact].

Floodplain Management: State Programs Update 2017