Completed 2010.

Funding: Federal Emergency Management Agency.

ASFPM compared HAZUS flood damage estimates with NFIP claims from the June 2008 flood damage in Dane County. This is a pilot project to compare HAZUS estimates with NFIP flood damage claims at the building/structure level. Comparisons were also being made between the assessed property values and the HAZUS and NFIP values in an effort to understand the relationship between replacement costs, depreciated values and assessed values.

The report includes a comparison of results between the different datasets: HAZUS estimates, NFIP claims, assessed values, as well as issues and level of effort related to importing, preparing and running the HAZUS software.

Structure Level Flood Damage Analysis: NFIP & HAZUS

Technical Procedures & Issues: Importing User Defined Facilities into HAZUS

Comparing HAZUS Flood Loss Estimates Across Hazard Identification Methods and Building Stock Inventory Data