Funding: ASFPM Foundation.

Partner: Wes Shaw / Blue Urchin.

This project is researching and will recommend a standardized approach for historic flood documentation in order to build or support the institutional memory of flood events and their aftermath. The flood documentation and approach will be guided by the “Boulder Creek Flood Notebook” created by Gilbert White.

This first phase has identified best practices and standards for documenting historic flood events and has started to make recommendations and developing guidelines and formats that states and/or communities could use to document a historic flood. To support communities that may not have the capacity to build and/or share their flood story, this project would also look at the opportunity and requirements for hosting and building basic story maps such as South Carolina’s interactive journal (South Carolina Flooding 2015) or more robust “Flood Notebook” type applications based on the best practices and standards identified in the first phase. The project team is looking at ways to integrate crowd-sourced photos and information with practitioner-sourced (e.g. floodplain and emergency managers) data and resources. The platform provides a working model the project team is using to test a prototype for a single community, yet to be determined.