Funding: Federal Emergency Management Agency & National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Partner: Texas Community Watershed Partnership.

ASFPM and the Texas Community Watershed Partnership (TCWP) at Texas A&M University AgriLife Extension Service continue to work together to integrate TCWP’s CHARM scenario planning platform with ASFPM’s No Adverse Impact approach. Funding from NOAA and FEMA supports hosting four workshops around the country as follow-up to two successful workshops held in Florida in 2018.

The project team, with support from the NAI Committee, continue the planning process to identify locations and other partners and collaborators to help coordinate and participate in the workshops. The project team is currently coordinating to host a 2nd virtual workshop in partnership with Cameron & Willacy Counties for the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas on March 24, 2021.

The first virtual workshop was held Monday, Oct. 19th through Wednesday, Oct. 21st for 5 New Jersey communities. A video recap titled “NAI + CHARM, A New Jersey Virtual Resiliency Workshop” is available for viewing.

Prior in-person workshops held through this funding are shown below:

CHARM Resiliency Workshop: Applying CHARM and No Adverse Impact - Lansing, Michigan

Using Scenario-Mapping Applications of No Adverse Impact for Coastal Communities - Social Coast Forum, Charleston, South Carolina

NAI-CHARM Resiliency Workshop: Application of No Adverse Impact for the Lower Rio Grande Valley - Virtual Workshop