Completed: 2013-2019.

Funding: ASFPM and ASFPM Foundation.

In furtherance of ASFPM’s No Adverse Impact initiative, the association has developed a series of NAI How-to Guides for each of the building blocks in the No Adverse Impact: A Toolkit for Common Sense Floodplain Management. They include:

  1. Mitigation (completed in 2013)
  2. Infrastructure (completed in 2013)
  3. Planning (completed in 2015)
  4. Education & Outreach (completed in 2015)
  5. Regulations & Development Standards (completed in 2017)
  6. Hazard Identification & Floodplain Mapping (completed in 2017)
  7. Emergency Services (completed in 2019).

Completed NAI How-to Guides