Completed 2004.

Funding: Public Entity Risk Institute and ASFPM Foundation.

Flood damage throughout the nation are increasing. If communities only follow minimum national approaches, that trend will likely continue. In order to assist communities with better approaches for flood loss reduction, ASFPM developed the No Adverse Impact approach.

No Adverse Impact Floodplain Management - Community Case Studies (2004) includes 11 examples of communities that have incorporated development approaches and other local actions based on NAI concepts that make sense to local land owners, developers and decision makers.

Copies of this report were sent to all NFIP coordinators and state hazard mitigation officers.

No Adverse Impact Floodplain Management - Community Case Studies 2004

NAI-Case Studies 2004 was based on ASFPM's No Adverse Impact Toolkit, which explains how communities can incorporate NAI approaches in everyday activities like mapping, outreach, planning, regulation and development standards, mitigation, infrastructure, and emergency services.

No Adverse Impact, A Toolkit For Commonsense Floodplain Management