Completed: March 2019.

Funding: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration & ASFPM Foundation.

Partner: Coastal States Organization.

With funding from NOAA and the ASFPM Foundation, ASFPM partnered with the Coastal States Organization to integrate and update guides to help coastal communities, including ASFPM’s Coastal No Adverse Impact Handbook (2007) and the ASFPM Foundation’s Holistic Coasts report (2013), and align them with the forward-looking vision provided in the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard.

The fellow, Jake Thickman, conducted a review and synthesis of federal policies tied to coastal flood risk, composed case studies of coastal flood-risk management in Wisconsin, Florida, New York and Washington, and has built on these previous analyses to provide guidelines for the development of a holistic approach to coastal zone management.

Beyond Elevation: Exploring a Holistic Approach to Coastal Flood Risk Management