Funding: Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The ASFPM Annual National Conference has numerous concurrent session presentations on flood insurance and floodplain management related topics that could support and educate local officials on flood insurance and floodplain management related issues. Unfortunately, many local officials who would most benefit from this information are unable to attend the conference. In an effort to facilitate resources for those unable to attend, videos of select presentations will be made available for viewing. A strategy will be developed to identify appropriate and efficient ways to market these video resources to various audiences and markets.

2019 ASFPM Annual National Conference in Cleveland

A2: Social Justice Factors in Floodplain Management

Socially Vulnerable Populations: Under-Recognized Victims of Flooding Disasters
by Jo Ann Howard, JD, H2O Partners
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Socioeconomic Factors Affecting Coastal Communities' Participation in CRS
by Alexis Cunningham, CSO & ASFPM
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Equity & Social Justice: What King County, Washington is Doing to Manage Floodplains More Equitably
by Mitch Paine, CFM, King County
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B1: Research Findings and Risk Communication

Leveraging Behavioral Insights to Improve Messaging and Increase Insurance Coverage
by Shrupti Shah, Deloitte
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C1: Flood Risk Disclosure: Intersection of Regulations and Risk Communication

Improving Disclosure Laws so Home Buyers are Not Kept in the Dark about Flood Risk
by Joel Scata, Esq., Natural Resources Defense Council
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Engaging Real Estate Agents in Flood Risk Communication
by Lisa Foster, CFM, Pinellas County
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G5: Leveraging Existing Data for Large Scale Modeling

Improving Flood Insurance Compliance, Monitoring, Claims Processing, and Risk Assessments using Blockchain Technology
by Kerry Keys, CPA, Guidehouse
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