Funding: Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Now that the statute has changed, it is ASFPM’s goal to be the national coordinating entity for facilitating post-flood floodplain management regulation administration and enforcement. Similar to the International Code Council’s actions for other types of building inspections, ASFPM is the most logical choice to support national Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) in this specific area. Whether it be to help mobilize volunteers, develop mission ready packages (MRPs), develop training and create cadres of volunteers, and develop other resources for those deployed, ASFPM has the knowledge and experience to support this initiative. In short, this would be a major new capacity and organizational direction for ASFPM, but one that squarely fits within ASFPM’s mission and focus. This effort would apply to intra-state for small-medium state events and interstate for events of national significance.

The three main objectives of this initiative are to:

  • Establish ASFPM as the non-government organization partner of FEMA to coordinate mutual aid support for post-disaster floodplain management regulation administration and enforcement through EMAC.
  • Develop a trained, standing volunteer cadre in each of ASFPM’s 37 chapters that could respond to in-state and interstate events.
  • Develop an ongoing training program and resources for all local and state floodplain managers to use to be more effective in the post-disaster environment.