Funding: ASFPM Foundation; Westfield Insurance Foundation

In 1996, ASFPM published “ADDRESSING YOUR COMMUNITY’S FLOOD PROBLEMS: A Guide for Elected Officials.” The document was popular and has been an important guide for educating elected officials on the impacts of flooding, identifying and preparing for flood risks in their community, post flood actions, resources to assist their community and identified successful efforts by peer communities.

The Guide will be updated and made available in a PDF, print-ready format supported by the ASFPM Foundation. Additionally, through funding by the Westfield Insurance Foundation the Guide will be available as a rich, multimedia web platform for hosting and sharing new and dynamic content. The Guide content will be shared using story maps, interactive reports, facts sheets and will initially include video-recorded interviews with at least 5 elected officials from around the country.

The update will modernize the content by incorporating No Adverse Impact concepts, expand the explanation of the natural and beneficial functions of the floodplain, address programmatic changes impacting floodplain management, introduce considerations that adapt to changing climate conditions and are resilient against extreme events, and reference recent success stories from communities of varying sizes and locales.