Beyond Elevation: Exploring a Holistic Approach to Coastal Flood Risk Management

ASFPM and the Coastal States Organization have made many efforts to update coastal management policies and practices in light of changing threats to productive ecosystems. Up to this point, however, no framework exists for implementing the progressive policies put forth. This project, part of the NOAA Digital Coast Fellowship Program, addresses this gap in knowledge through a review and synthesis of federal and state policies, ultimately seeking a more holistic flood risk management approach.

Management Goals

Federal Review

An overview of coastal management principles and corresponding policy goals put forth by ASFPM and CSO in order to determine common goals between the organizations and identify specific policy objectives.

A comprehensive review of federal policies and programs with a direct or indirect nexus to coastal flood risk management, including compatibility with identified management objectives.

State Case Studies

Future Strategies

Broad case studies of coastal flood risk management practices in Wisconsin, Florida, New York, and Washington, highlighting successful aspects of management in each state.

A guide to future strategies and specific actions that can be taken at the federal and state level to make progress towards coastal management policy recommendations.

Learn more about the Beyond Elevation: Exploring a Holistic Approach to Coastal Flood Risk Management report on the About page. This website contains the active links and supporting resources that comprise the published version of the report. A pdf version of the full report is available here. Please note the print version is current as of March 2019 and will not be updated in the future.

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