Strong, capable states are critical for reducing flood losses and protecting the natural functions of floodplains. Our nation's approach to floodplain management relies on participation at each level of government, and states are particularly situated to provide the leadership to establish competent, long-lasting floodplain management programs.

Training, sharing experiences, promoting best practices and building relationships are integral to the mission and success of ASFPM, which is uniquely positioned to assist with the development of future floodplain management leaders and effective state floodplain management programs. Many of the nation’s most experienced and successful floodplain managers are dedicated ASFPM members who are willing to commit their time to mentoring others in the profession.

Mentoring is a professional relationship in which an experienced mentor assists a mentee in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the mentee’s professional and personal growth.

ASFPM Mentoring Program

The program's primary purpose is to connect individual learning and growth with state capability for effective floodplain management. Mentoring is not exactly training, nor is it coaching.

ASFPM mentors transfer knowledge, provide insight, and share experiences to develop effective state floodplain management programs and capable floodplain management professionals. Mentors provide the link between knowledge and skills and the "day-to-day job" duties. Whether new to the profession or seeking to expand knowledge and skills, value will be provided through the mentoring exchanges.

Program Objectives

Why Participate?

ASFPM has prioritized state floodplain managers, state NFIP coordinators, and state flood mapping coordinators and their staff as the target audience for initial mentoring activities. Applicants should review the Eligibility Policy.

We learn and grow through relationships. Through the ASFPM Mentoring Program, state floodplain managers have the opportunity to work with dedicated and enthusiastic floodplain management professionals. The program provides a role for you, whether you are just entering the profession, looking to expand your knowledge/skills or a seasoned practitioner.

Why become a mentor?

As a mentor, you can contribute to the profession by sharing your experiences and wisdom. You will also have the opportunity to enhance your personal skills in listening, coaching, reflecting and planning. Mentors are supported with continuing education in mentoring and can expand their professional network and understanding of state floodplain management challenges through mentoring partnerships. Mentors are a key partner in ASFPM's mission and vision.

Why become a mentee?

As a mentee, you will be exposed to tenured floodplain managers who have program experience and knowledge of best practices. You will gain self-confidence through training, encouragement, guidance and counsel. Mentees will gain critical knowledge for effective floodplain management and expand their professional network. Mentees will engage in the ASFPM culture, mission and vision.

Mentoring Approaches

Mentoring Process

Applicants must first register as a mentee or mentor. The program manager may reach out to learn more about mentees' mentoring needs or mentors' areas of expertise. The graphic and procedure outlined here gives an overview of how a mentoring partnership is executed for one-on-one, group and situational mentoring. The Ask a Mentor functionality is built into the Mentor Finder.

Full details of the ASFPM Mentoring Program framework are provided in the Mentoring Handbook.

For further guidance, please contact the program manager.