Funding: Puerto Rico Planning Board.

Partners: American Planning Association, Build Change, International Code Council, Diversity Professional Service, EStudios Te’cnicoc Inc.

The Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was selected for the proposal by the Puerto Rico Planning Board (PRPB) titled, “Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce Project Management Services, Code Enforcement Permit Management Office RFP” Proposal Reference Number: 2019-0001-RFP-02. ASFPM was asked to provide letters of support for this effort.

This project will provide an advisory panel, communication assistance and help standup Permit Management Office (PMO) for the PRPB in support for flood management, floodplain zoning, permitting capacity and inspection services in the wake of Hurricane Maria. ASFPM has been asked to serve on the advisory panel. Additional staffing from ASFPM may be requested to provide support for the PMO in the future.

The initial focus for ASFPM will be the advisory board and assisting with of a draft strategic plan and determining targeted pilot activities to work with selected municipalities in Puerto Rico. Initial steps will involve providing a staff person in early October 2019 for an in-person working session in Puerto Rico to get input and perspectives as the planning board work starts to take shape.