Element Profiles

The CRS Green Guide addresses 25 of the 90+ CRS Elements included in the 2017 CRS Coordinator’s Manual. The following section provides detailed summaries of each of the 25 CRS Elements.

These summaries or "element profiles" include critical information that communities can use to determine if:

  1. Their current practices are creditable under the CRS, or
  2. They can feasibly implement the element (assuming their current practices are not creditable).

Specifically, each profile includes a summary of the element, the degree of difficulty associated with documenting and implementing it, the maximum number of points a community could earn, an overview any relevant impact adjustment and how it might impact a community’s credit-earning potential, co-benefits associated with the element, as well as a few “tips for success.” Most CRS elements discussed in the Green Guide are also associated with a success story that features a community's experience with the element.

Walking path through natural area. Courtesy of the Village of South Elgin.

Element Profiles for Activities 320, 330 & 410

Element Profiles for Activity 420

Element Profiles for Activity 420 [continued]

Element Profiles for Activities 430 & 440

Element Profiles for Activity 450

Element Profiles for Activities 510, 520 & 540